Heavy Duty Linoleum

In a commercial or industrial environment, heavy duty linoleum flooring has much to offer. Renowned for its hard-wearing and decorative properties, linoleum (or lino) is made from natural raw materials, making it an ideal choice of flooring for commercial and industrial companies wanting to create a better environment.

You will find heavy duty linoleum flooring for most situations with a range of anti static, bacterio static and conductive commercial flooring. Heavy duty linoleum flooring has good fire resistant properties, which make it a suitable product for smoking areas. Linoleum is also suitable for sports flooring and for designs incorporating logos. It comes in a variety of thicknesses and colours.

As with all our flooring installations, linoleum has a maintenance programme prolonging the life of the flooring and preserving its attractive finish.

We will help with your decision on choosing a heavy duty linoleum flooring product to suit your commercial need and budget. We make sure that the linoleum flooring is laid in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification and to British Standards.

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